Friday, May 20, 2011


Did a little devotion on Forgiveness with Luke and Taylor before nap and it soooooo showed how very different they are.

Question: Have you ever done anything that you knew was wrong?
Luke: Yeaaaaaaa....
Me: What have you done that you knew was wrong?
Luke: Well, {sigh} sometimes I hit sissy and sometimes I pester her and sometimes I throw a fit. It's not good.
Me: What about you Taylor, have you ever done anything that you knew was wrong?
Taylor: Nope.
Me: You've never done anything wrong?
Taylor: Nope.

Then we read the story of the podigal son. (Luke 15:11-24) And read a story about a boy who broke a lamp by throwing a ball inside the house even though he knew he was breaking a rule.

We talked about how God is like the father who forgives us when we ask. And how we also should forgive others because God forgave us. And how there are consequences for our actions even though God forgives us when we ask.

Then I asked again:
Have you ever done something wrong, Taylor?
Taylor: {looks down} Yeah, sometimes I'm wrong for not listening and obeying my parents.
Me: What do you get in trouble for a lot Luke?
Luke: Ummm....prolly, hitting Taylor.
Me: Let's pray and ask God to help us with those thing.
Taylor: Yeah...that would be a good idea. :)
Luke: Yeah...don't ya think, Mom?
{so we prayed} <3 these two stinkers.

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