Saturday, April 23, 2011


Luke: We saw dolphins at the zoo, didn't we?
Me: Yeah, we did.
Taylor: We didn't see dolphins at the zoo, we saw dolphins at the aquarium, Mommy. You're silly.
Luke: Yeah, you're silly Mommy.
Me: Oh, I see, you tricked me.
Taylor: Luke tricked you like Jacob tricked Esau. Jacob tricked Esau into drinking the soup, didn't he?


Nap time:
Taylor: {yelling from the top of the steps, after I thought she was asleep because it was quiet} MOMMY, COME HERE, LOOK AT ME! {I go up stairs}
Me: Aren't you supposed to be in your bed?
Taylor: Look, Mommy I put my tights on. I'm doing Ballet.
{she rooted through her dresser, found her tights, tutu, ballet shoes and got them all on herself, she also pulled out some extra pillows and had them piled on top of Luke. How she did all this without my hearing anything, I don't know.}


{Luke got up before Taylor since Taylor was busy doing ballet and I had to vacuum and he wanted to help. YES he "helped" me vacuum by holding it with me. Then my cord was getting tangled so I told him to let go for a minute, as I was untangling it, it came unplugged.}

Luke: UT OH MOMMY, you broke it. It broke cause I wasn't helping you. :)

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