Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Taylor: Where are we going today, Mommy?
Me: We're not going anywhere today.
Luke: We're going somewhere Mom.
Me: Where do you think we're going?
Taylor: Umm, I think we're going to Nineveh.
Me: Oh we are? Where's Nenevah?
Taylor: Way over by Lorrie and Danny's house.
Luke: Yeah, after we go to Ninevah, we'll stop at Lorrie and Danny's.

Gotta love it. Kids were both sitting in corners for wrecking their room, pulling out their sleeping bags for a "sleepover", jumping, screaming, you name it...anything but napping and while being punished they start singing BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD at the top of their lungs. Through good and bad....blessed be the name of the lord. :)

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