Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Last night Luke was getting his gear together to play baseball and I gave him his purple baseball hat instead of his brown one. Luke: "I can't play baseball in that Mom, I need the brown one." {which I couldn't find, causing screaming and whaling} Then I found it. Luke: "Mommy, you're silly thinking I could play in the purple hat."

Last night as I was getting the kids ready for bed. Taylor started teaching Luke ballet. She was telling him what to do and he was following her and she says, "Good Job Luke, you're working really hard!" {Wish I had video of this}

Last night the kids were playing baseball and Taylor was pitching to Luke who was batting. Taylor wasn't getting it near him and he says, "Taylor, what in the world are you doing?" then, "Mommy, can you play baseball." I then let Luke pitch and he's super accurate, I don't have to move at all and Taylor wanted to bat so I "helped" her. She then says, "Wow, Mommy, we're really good at baseball." lol

This morning Taylor was talking about the goose she saw LAST YEAR at the zoo. lol It scared her and chased her and was squalking LOUD! She says, "Mommy, I didn't like when that goose chased after me, she was LOUD! Then says, but I think she's gonna be my friend now and not make me scared of her." Luke says, "She wanted to eat you like the fish ate Jonah." Taylor: "Not anymore, now the goose is gonna be nice, Mommy, lets go back and see her."

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