Monday, April 19, 2010


Taylor sneezed this morning and said....BLESS YOU TAYLOR. :) She usually says bless you when we sneeze but I thought that was cute to say it for herself. :)

Taylor takes her sock off (amazing it was on) and says HI TOES and then she kissed them. lol Right after I lay Luke down to put his socks on.....and he says.....NO NO TOES...holding his toes to prevent me from getting a sock on then he says...BYE BYE TOES! lol

As I'm laying them down for nap and giving hugs and kisses...Luke says BYE BYE LIGHT.....SHHHH, LIGHTS SLEEPING. :)

Another side note....I decided to be intentional about colors today and I drew blocks of colors on a paper and then drew things that were those colors next to the blocks of colors. Was interesting...because they knew their basic colors pretty consistently. YELLOW, RED, BLUE, ORANGE, GREEN, PURPLE, BLACK and BROWN. Taylor picked up the crayons that matched the colors I was saying where Luke pointed to the boxes I drew.

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