Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oh Gosh

Yesterday I was giving Luke and Taylor a bath and Taylor gets on her knees and says, OH GOSH. Then.......OHHHHH NOOOOO. I knew what that meant and it's never happened before. She pooped in the tub. Yes this is a poop story. lol I took a second to think of how to handle this situation. There they were, both with shampoo in their hair. Luckily, Taylor was constipated. :/ She hadn't gone for 2 days and I'd added a little benefiber to her yogurt which did the trick quicker than I expected. I grabbed Luke first and rinsed him off quickly in the back of the tub with the still "clean" water. Meanwhile poor Taylor had the most pathetic look on her face.....continuing to say........OHHH NOOOO........and whining....mommy...up....So I got her up and used new water to rinse her hair. Got them dressed.......then to get the poop outta the tub and everything cleaned up. As I was trying to do this....Taylor had lifted the toilet seat and Luke had his hand in the water splashing. I grabbed him and cleaned him off and then when I proceeded to clean again they unrolled the roll of toilet paper and Taylor got several pantiliners out of the cabinet. I've always had the thought that this might happen if they hadn't gone before I put them in the tub...another thing to check off the list. lol Poop in the bathtub.

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Christina said...

The first time we had that happen, I freaked out, lol. But after the 4th..I was like ummm, ok. Can't you do that before or after? ;)