Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm realizing that little snippets may be all I have the ability to write about these days. Facebook status updates are so much easier. lol.....so here are two from today...

Taylor keeps saying "Mommy" in the cutest voice then kissing and hugging my hand. :)

The Shock and Awe look of Luke when he gets yelled at for doing something he knows he shouldn't makes it very hard for me to not laugh and stay serious.

...and then

While I was changing Luke, Taylor picked up her dirty diaper and Luke said, "Eww Gross" to her. lol

Taylor for some reason decided to try and bite Luke so she had to sit still with no toys and Luke walked up to her pointing his finger at her, saying "Sit"....wow that's payback and then right after though he tried bringing her a book and then gave her her bunny which she was crying for.

Last night I was reading to Taylor on the couch and she started clapping her hands at Luke and telling him to bring all the babies and stuffed animals to her on the couch. She named them out one by one and had him bring them to her.

Luke put some "little people" in the mailbox of their house toy and Taylor opened the mailbox and said... "Babies in the mailbox!" She was very surprised and excited. lol

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