Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tid Bits

We've been sick around here and just kinda BLAH. So I haven't had the motivation to update the LOTS of photos I have backed up. :)

I will however update with some super cute things before I forget.

The other day I was printing out some photo samples and my printer jammed. I said SHOOT. I DEFINITELY said SHOOT. No variation. I swear. I mean I DON'T swear. You get the point. Anyhow...Miss T....was all over it immediately. She started saying shoot....over and over and it started sounding like another four letter S word. She walked out into the living room where Daddy was and with the same disgust that I used she was saying the other four letter S word and her Daddy...lost it...turning around covering his face laughing. The he lectures me. I DID NOT say it. In fact I haven't said that word in years. What in the WORLD. sigh. Every now and again she says it. Today her legos were stuck together and she said it.

Which brings me to another hilarious thing. Luke and Taylor both say STUCK. I can't describe to you how they say it but it is so cute. EVERYTHING gets STUCK. When they are on their chair and their leg gets caught.....it's STUCK! When they can't get something out of the toys...it's STUCK. They completely understand it's meaning...it's funny. Luke's cheese got stuck on his tray today....MOMMY...STUCK!

BOOOSH. This is what Taylor calls a SPOON. Not quite sure how that came about but she consistently calls a SPOON a BOOOSH.

ONE, TWO, THREE. Taylor is counting out one, two, three. It's cute. The other morning she pointed to two pictures that I was in on the wall and said, ONE Mommy, TWO Mommy, and then pointed to me and said THREE Mommy. :) She points in the baby magazines and says....ONE baby, TWO baby, THREE babies.

She also likes to make things plural. She calls me Mommies sometimes.

She's continuing to dump Luke's cherrios and fishes from his bowl into hers when he's not looking and today she offered to feed him and she'd feed him and then tease him and eat it herself. Luke wasn't exactly thrilled.

When Luke's upset Taylor very often tries to make him laugh. She's really good at it. She pulls out all the stops and often times he'll end up giggling at her.

Elmo. I at this point hadn't had any character like things. The baby magazines had a picture of Elmo that they pointed to and I thought it was Elmo so I told them that was who it was. Aunt Kim got them both an Elmo book for Valentines day and it's cute. They recognized him which was surprising to me since they'd only seen him once and now they point to him in the books. Luke says, MELMO and Taylor says ELMOS. :)

Luke is all about the TRACTOR and singing the tractor song. He's also all about RING AROUND the ROSIE.......especially about the falling DOWN part.....where he pulls his sister to the ground. :)

Luke also ran full force at me today (not unusual) but then I realized his lips were puckered and he ran to me to give me a wet snotty kiss! :)

Time for sleep.


KAL071203 said...

Ryan calls Elmo melmo too! We are obsessed with elmo my husband refers to him as ryans leader lol. hope you are all feeling better soon!

mrs. b. said...

oh my goodness, how adorable! my oldest always called elmo "melmo" too...i was even kinda sad when she learned to say it right! :)