Thursday, January 14, 2010

Daddy and Mommy Time, Talking, Hairdresser, Lip Balm and Lotion

Last week Luke got to go to his very first wrestling match with his daddy. Nick wanted to see some of the junior high kids he coached wrestle as seniors so he planned on going to the match that was closest to us. He decided to take Luke last minute and I think all of us had a blast. Nick said Luke stood and watched from floor level. In his words he said, He was trying to get on the mat Robin. I don't know if I believe all that. I think Nick was just a little excited and Luke got tired of staying still. :) Can you imagine a toddler heavy weight? :)

Taylor stayed home with me and WOW is it different having one kid. She was so calm and sweet. She didn't have to fight for attention or fight over toys. She didn't scream or whine. She was all cuddly. We played Ring Around the Rosie just her and I and she was so darn cute. She'd jump on me when we "all fall down" and every time she'd touch my face and say...mommy in the sweetest voice, then she'd rest her head on me and say MORE and grab my hands to help me up. After Ring Around the Rosie we read. BOY did we read. She loves being read to. We laid on the couch and she laid on me and we read every single book in the room. We'd read one and if it was a goody she'd want to read it again and then she'd hop down and get another. I counted when I was putting all those books away. We read 27 books at least once and some several times. I could never relax like that with both of them. It was so nice. We have to do that more often.

I read somewhere that at 1-1/2 toddlers language kicks into high gear. I can't believe how many words they are saying. They are way beyond keeping track. It's so fun to hear them say new things and they get so proud of themselves. Luke this morning said shower, gentle and O's. Taylor tries to repeat everything. I love hearing Taylor talk to her little people and people in books. She had them lined up this morning on the table and was saying CHEESE to them and was smiling. lol She tells them to STOP IT, says Hi and BUH BYE to them. She also cracks me up because she says lots of words she knows together rambling on and on. Like...this morning....BUNNY JUICE AWW A BABY MOMMY DADDY MEE MEE BUNNY JUICE. It's like she's bragging and smitten with all the words she knows. I crack up at them talking to each other while "cooking" at their kitchen. Like they are discussing things.

Luke is QUITE obsessed with hair. He LOVES playing and brushing Taylor and my hair. One night he kept brushing my hair and then it would end up in my eyes and he'd gently pull my hair out of my eyes so he could see me and then smile and brush again. He CHASES Taylor around trying to brush her hair. He'll use whatever. I took combs and brushes away because he yanks her hair when she has piggy tails in. So he uses the play knifes to brush. She'll tolerate it for a little but she gets tired of it and tells him to STOP IT! He LOVES it so much and when he's gentle it's adorable to watch. Taylor on the other hand has been "feeding" Luke with their kitchen utensils. She'll make a bowl of something and then feed it to him. So cute this morning watching them. He said thank you every time she gave him a "bite" and then they would giggle.

If they get up before I get a shower I put them in there with me. They amazingly sit in their bouncer and swing which they've way outgrown. But they sit there and read baby magazines, eat cheerios and drink their milk until I'm done getting ready. I LOVE hearing them talk to each other when I'm in the shower. They point to things in the magazines and show each other. Luke points out apples, balls, cars and babies. Taylor is very into pointing out the Mommy's, Daddy's and babies as well as counting things. They both smack their lips when I open the drawer with lip balm in it and when I put lotion on they NEED lotion too. It's so cute. They also brush their teeth when I brush mine.

Anyhow.....I wish I could just take every little bit of them in and not forget a thing. It's such a cute time and they are becoming little people and it's so neat to see who God has made them.


Annie said...

Is wonderful when we have the opportunity to enjoy one child at a time.

Twincerely,Olga said...

what a beautiful post!!!I love it all!!!You sound like an amazing Mommy!!! stop by

Twincerely,Olga said...

your twins ar absolutely gorgeous!!!

Helene said...

This is why you'll be happy that you did this's so easy to forget all the little details!

I just had the opportunity to have one child at home with me today for about 1 hour and you are SO right about how different it felt. It was nice to have that one-on-one with him and I could tell he loved every minute of it too!

I feel bad for saying this but why do mothers of one kid think they have it so hard? LOL

kanishk said...

sound like an amazing

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