Thursday, December 10, 2009


Luke walking around with the back pack as a purse saying bye byes! :)

They love dragging these around. Luke was afraid of the Cars logo at first and preferred Taylor's he's changed his mind. :)

Barking at the neighbors dog.

Miss Taylor stacks everything. She stacking everything in her crib then climbs it. I have to be careful about that now. :)

Typical lunch.

Playing piano with Jacob.

This is at our friends Daryll and Zoe's house and their girls always love sharing their toys with LT, This is Luke showing Nancy. :)

Head, shoulders, knees and toes...Taylor cracks me up at snack...she's a muncher.

Luckily for me, Nancy gave me another potty. This should help out A LOT. Especially for possessive potty Taylor.

So Taylor wants her sunglasses I put them on and she's all proud.....then Luke looks at her and SCREAMS! He DID NOT like them at all.

His crying then made Taylor upset, as it usually does.

Luke NOT keeping his feet to himself and Taylor cracking up!

This is them saying they are "all done"

Getting a shot of them together, by myself is next to impossible these days.

This is when it wasn't so cold at the park.

Luke did NOT like not being able to see his hands. :)

He insisted on having the chair INSIDE the pack and play for devotion time. :)

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Mighty M said...

They are so cute! My kids love to take their backpacks all over the house too. So glad you got that extra potty! :)