Monday, November 9, 2009


Taylor's getting her first molar.

I love her pigtails. <3

Miss thing.

Stealing the powder.

Leaning on Luke......Luke loves her hair against his face....tickles him. :)

She STILL puts her feet in her mouth.


Laying on Lambie.

I had to.....he took off when I was changing him.........and then....

...did THIS. lol He'll be so happy about this one as a teenager. :)

They both insisted on getting in the pack and play the other day. STRANGE...but they just sat in there and played for a little.

Now this is more typical....they scrunch in this corner and "read" and play with each other.

New fun thing to do. Taylor figured out she could look out the window while stepping on the ugly chair. Now Luke does it all the time.


Christina said...

Oh my gosh they are to cute!!

Annie said...

I love their pictures. They are fotogenic.

Have a nice week.