Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Poor Luke

Seriously......can we get a break?

Luke broke out in what they say is a post viral rash. It's all over his body and is even inside his ears. He's miserable and the doctor said he'll be miserable for about 3 days. He still have fluid behind his ears so if there's any sign of pain, fluid coming out or fever he wants to put him on something stronger. If he gets a fever again or if the rash worsens...they want him in again. He had a chest xray today and thankfully that was clear. That was NOT fun. It was past nap and lunch and they confined him in this contraption that he was too big for with his arms squeezed up in the air. He was SCREAMING. Taylor seems much better today. She coughed a lot last night but I'm hoping she has a better night tonight. Luke is coughing a lot. Praying he sleeps.

Thankfully...Nick's mom was able to watch Taylor during all this. I'm so glad because it was enough to take care of Luke with all the waiting, xrays and fussiness. :(


Annie said...

Hope he feels better soon.

KAL071203 said...

praying your kiddies are better soon, there is nothing worse than the x-ray contraption, i hated seeing my boys in it too!

Joan said...

Poor baby! Prayers for fast relief!

The Clark's said...

I sure hope Luke feels better soon. please watch his rash closely. Back at the end of August my little boy was on an antibiotic for an ear infection and 4 days after finishing the antibiotic he started breaking out in a rash, they told us to give him benadryl but it just kept getting worse, by the second day he had splotches at his joints and started having severe joint swelling (freaked us out bad)and still more rash. we ended up in the hospital for 2 days, never got a clear answer, told it was likely a delayed allergic reaction to the antibiotic, I have pictures on my blog.