Friday, October 2, 2009


Loving on his sissy.

They LOVE sitting on the couch.

Luke's always gotta touch her with his feet. She'll love that as she gets older. lol

Teaching them to get down safely and hopefully w/o injury. They loved this game. Gave us a workout. Up, down, up, down.

She clapped for herself every time. lol


Sarah Brown said...

OMGosh they are so cute---those eyes, you could get lost for hours=)
I found you through Blog For A Cure. I am a new follower

Kristen Kay said...

Robin, they are too cute! You always take such good pictures. Luke's face when his feet are touching Taylor is too funny. Sly little thing!

Sarah said...

If only we all had the energy to climb everywhere!! Found you over at Lani's and am now following!

Amri's World said...

oh they have grown... and how beautifully !!! and YAY for learning to get down safely !