Friday, September 11, 2009

Investment House

We're putting the investment house on the market and praying for it to sell quickly and provide us with some income to hold us over for hopefully a couple months. I made the kitchen and bathroom pretty last night and took some shots...Nick's been working like crazy to wrap it up.......2200 square feet of painting and cleaning!

Kitchen...pretty much was drywall, cabinets, appliances, sink, fixtures, and flooring. Getting rid of the awkward laundry room made it seem bigger and gives it a lot more cabinet space.

Bathroom...made this room twice as big. The floor you see on this before shot is all the bigger the bathroom was, behind the door was the bathtub. We opened it up, making the bathroom a lot bigger and also added a laundry room where an awkward sitting area used to be. We moved the radiator so it wasn't in the way of using the toilet, new everything.

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Dani B said...

Very nice redesign!! Hey, if your husband is still looking for work, we're getting really busy and might be able to use him in a sales position. I don't think I can email you, so hopefully you can reach me via email. ~Danielle @ Cumberland Valley