Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Green Beans and Cheese

Seems as though Luke and Taylor have their favorites. The one and only baby food Luke HATED ends up being the thing he loves the most now. GREEN BEANS. That boy can put them away and he'll pass up anything else for them and continue to ask for mo...peeezzzzzz. lol

Miss Taylor loves cheese. She'll pick out all the cheese first on her tray and ask for mooooorrrrrroorrrooorrrrr.

The cutest thing is they trade cheese for green beans. Taylor would much rather have a piece of cheese than a green bean and Luke quickly passes up the cheese for a green bean. I've had to push their high chairs apart if I need them to eat a variety otherwise they trade up. :)


Dani B said...

LOL! Mine did that too for awhile. Doug wasn't allowed the cheese in his snack tray and Sarah didn't like the turkey, so they swapped. For the longest time Sarah ate only cheese and crackers and Doug had only meat!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

That is so funny! My Reese loves cheese too...she would trade anything for it!

Shannon Christman said...

I think it's cool that they've already figured out how to barter.