Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thank You, More Please, Kitty Cat....Meow, Ali...Woof Woof, All Done

Lots of cuteness going on here. Hard to keep up with all the things LT are doing. They are learning so much so quick. They are both saying Thank You now. More like Tank oooouuu. It was adorable this morning I gave them a bath together and they were passing ducks back and forth to each other and they kept saying "tank ouuuu, tank ouuu." Funny thing is they said it when they are passing something off, not when they are getting it. Cute non-the-less.

During their lunch the cat walked by and Taylor pointed and said...Kitty Cat...Meeeooooww. Now if I ask her how the kitty cat goes she answers. It's so much fun to see them putting things together. Both Taylor and Luke can sign "please" and Taylor says and signs "More Please" together. Luke hasn't said please yet but he's signing it. Both sign "All Done" and Taylor is signing and saying it now.Taylor also said Ali (pronounced like the boxer) on the way to church Sunday. I let him in and when she saw him she said....Aaaaaaaaleeee. She's said it to him when he walks up to their gate too. Oh and Luke's been barking for awhile now. lol We say...puppy dog...he says woof woof and he gets very excited about it. lol.

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