Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sunday Nap

This past Sunday Luke woke up from his nap and would not go back to sleep. He had a cat nap on the way home from church and that always messes him up. He has trouble falling asleep and woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep. Nick wanted to take a nap while the babies napped. The night before I was up throwing up from some shrimp I had. Nick was up with me making sure I was okay so we were both exhausted after church. So I brought Luke in bed with us and rested. I have never been able to nap...even when the babies were little. So I laid there and witnessed this. Isn't it precious. I got a little choked up thinking about how blessed we are. I had to take pictures and remember this moment. It was so peaceful........I will say BOTH of them were snoring though. :) Like father like son. When Taylor woke up I brought her in and she was so excited to see her brother. She was pointing to him saying, BROTHER. She also loves looking in the mirror at herself. After this...they spent time climbing and playing on the pillows and jumping up and down on the bed, giggling and looking at themselves in the mirror. Precious. :)

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