Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Pictures


My sister is quite the entertainment....Mooooooooorrrrrrrooooooooorrrrrrrre...

Taylor with Jeddy

They like his phone., I got a problem. lol

Alas.........finally a GATE! They weren't as thrilled as I was. I think stepping over this things 50 million times a day has to be something like Tae bo. lol Works that gluteus maximus.

They LOVE this toy! Laugh and Learn Home.

Ali and Luke bonding between the bars.

Ali likes the protection of the gate....although he leans up against so he gets attention.

Miss Taylor sits on everything! Including Daddy's head. lol She did it last night again.

This has only happened once......she fell asleep while eating lunch before nap.

So peaceful.

Had to throw this in because it cracks me up....view out my window...neighbors front porch. :)

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