Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Luke and Taylor love, "Old McDonald has a farm..." They have a book, a little people barn and this see and say. Luke picks up the book and says, They also get super excited to hear the song as you can see here. They crack me up with their dancing. Taylor squats up and down and swings her arms and Luke sways and bounces. It's hilarious.

On another note. I thought this was neat. A few days ago we were outside with them and we live close to a small airport. 3 planes went by when we were out there. Luke was on my lap and I'd point up to show him the planes and say, "airplane." They have a book that has a picture of an airplane. Taylor repeats the word and points to it and when I say airplane or point to it....Luke points up. I thought at first it was a coincidence but it's not......he's done it ever since. I find it interesting that he's always looked up....up at the ceiling fan, the birds and clouds in the sky. He loves things up above. I wonder if that will carry throughout his childhood.

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