Saturday, July 18, 2009



Teaching them to eat from a bowl.....Luke likes to hit it with his hand and watch cherrios fly...Taylor then picks them up and puts them in the bowl and her mouth. lol

Peek a boo

Luke's version

Taylor leaning on Luke


He's about to give her an upper cut but it's cute for a sec.

You stay right here.....

Cracks me up how when Taylor drinks...Luke gets really thirsty.....power of suggestion.

Taylor talking to her teacher doll

Just out of the pool at Grandma and Pappy's

Into something...flip flops are amazing

Taylor does this to make Luke laugh

Great grandma playing ball

They like to fight for position for this toy...and Luke just can't keep his hands off his sister lately.


Then the's happy hitting but Taylor is none too happy about it.

Aww...I love her...

Good times. lol

Tough Guy

Crazy girl

Poor cat you think?...Luke is obsessed with her....and IF he leaves her alone she'll come bug him until he torments her. She likes abusive relationships I suppose. She has her claws but never has put them out or hissed at him...he pulls her fur, ears, and most recently tail...he actually pulled her by her tail and she cried and smacked him lightly with her paw without the claws out. He squeezes her and lays on her. It's nuts. This cat is not a mushy cat but she LOVES Luke. She lets Taylor pet her but she could care less about Taylor. Taylor is gentle with her too.

Laura and Hope with Taylor at the Felix farewell.

Teresa and Taylor

Vada and Taylor

The Bowders! Nancy is being induced the 21st! Can't wait!

So busy...

She looks mad don't you think....she does nothing to defend herself and keeps coming back for more.

Luke was hugging Taylor one night and she started screaming....I didn't know what happened and then I thought....I won't if he bit her....poor girl....he hasn't done it since and I hope he doesn't again. I felt so bad for her.

My happy girl

They go up against the couch and race...


You're lucky you're my brother and mama's making me share.

I said in normal guys are so big now eating out of a bowl.......(SOO BIG)

I wonder what she's thinking? He always copies me when I drink.

Cheeseballer.'re pretty good.

Grandma and Grandpa Bair in front of our fixer upper place.

First walking injury.....luckily he falls better now. See the line above his right eye on his forehead....that was from the corner of the entertainment center......ouch.

He recovers quick.

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Abbi said...

i always enjoy looking at the pics of your little ones! they're soooo adorable!!