Thursday, June 18, 2009

HUGS and One Year Doctors Checkup

Those darn videos aren't uploading to blogger no matter what I do or what browser I use so stay tuned to when I decide to try them again. lol They are precious.

Today I had to go to the bathroom so I put the babies in the pack and play and I came out and Luke was on his knees and Taylor was standing behind him playing with his hair. He was leaning his head back on her and was enjoying it. She was actually being GENTLE and not pulling it. I came out and said "AWW, you love your brother and she put her head down on his and hugged him" So darn cute. This morning I took Taylor out of her crib and took her over to Luke and I said "Good Morning Brother" and she kept touching him saying "bratah, bratah, bratah" and they were both all excited. Yesterday morning I took Luke out of the crib first and took him over to Taylor and he put his head down on her said and said "AWWW".

There's so many things to update on.......I tried to journal while we were at the beach. They are doing so many new things. They are both pointing to things. Luke points to things and says "DOH" each time he touches something. It was funny.....we have these little letter books and in the R book there's a refrigerator. He actually came really close to saying refrigerator. Nick and I looked at each other shocked. Doh, doh, doh, refrigerator. lol Who woulda guessed. lol Taylor is trying to say LOTS of words. She's saying Baby a lot now. She says Nigh Night when I'm taking her up to bed. She has repeated lots of words. Rabbit, Yellow, Hello, Yeah ah (that ones funny). She says goggy goggy goggy a lot. Luke says UT OH a lot, tries to say Hello and says Doh a lot. Taylor is giving me kisses. Luke is giving me hugs. It was so cute today......he crawled up to me all day......would lay his head on my chest and say "AWWW". Precious. Good thing too cause they have been a moody mess since their shots. One cries, they both's contagious grouchiness. Poor babies.....hope they are feeling better tomorrow. Luke didn't want to eat much today and Taylor got her feelings hurt VERY easily. Taylor is bringing us books to read to her......she drags a book across the floor, puts it on your lap and waits for you to put her on your lap to read it. Luke is patty caking with his feet. lol Funny.....I do that with them from time to time and today he was doing it on his own. Patting the bottoms of his feet together. They both hold a phone (or whatever else) up to their ear and say hello and then hand you the phone to talk. They both are trying to feed each other and they've been feeding us. They hug each other and say "AWW". They also now say "AWW" when hugging stuffed animals. Taylor has been saying "OOOooooOOO or EWW..." (hmm, how do you spell that) since the beach. She started when the waves were coming in to get her. Now she does it to toys that move....balls, etc. It's happening so fast. They are learning so much and it's flying! All I know is God knew what he was doing when he decided to bring on the tantrums and the cuteness at the same time. THANK the LORD the hugs came now that they are starting to pitch fits when they don't get what they want. Luke screamed yesterday and pounded his hands on his high chair when the Cheerio he was feeding me didn't get into my mouth. Wow........they can be moody at this age. lol

Quick update on the babies 1 year appointment. They are doing Great!


26lbs 6oz - 90th percentile (he got skinnier lol)
30-1/4 long - 50th percentile
head is still in the 50th percentile

Luke is supposed to stay on Zyrtec as long as he's still having symptoms. Doctor said it won't hurt him to be on it long term if he needs to be. I keep stopping it to see if he's better and whether it's seasonal or not. He's not been as bad the last few days but he's itching his nose like crazy and last time I didn't give it to him he was breathing heavy again. So we'll see....hopefully it's seasonal and it'll pass soon.

He also has some interesting pigmentation showing up on his arm. (spots that aren't tanning) I'd noticed it before in certain lighting as well as a birthmark on his back but since being to the beach it's more noticeable. The doctor said it's likely to show up more but it's not likely anything to be concerned about. He made a note to check it again at the next visit.

18lbs 13oz - 10th percentile
29 long - 25th percentile
head is still in the 10th percentile

Taylor is officially OFF Nutramigen.......WHOOHOO!!! So she's being switched to whole milk right along with Luke. HUGE blessing.

Peanut butter. So, last I heard is NOT to touch it until after they are 2. Not according to our doctor. He said they are now changing their mind. He said because so many things are made in the same factory as peanuts, they are exposed to small amounts. Small amounts the body fights off possibly causing allergies. He said you can give them peanut butter now and said if you're going to give it to them...give it to them consistently so their body doesn't reject it. Interesting. So now that we had kids wait until 2, there's more allergies to it. Hmmm. He said at this point, there's nothing they can't have.........minus choking hazards of course.

We get a paper every time we have a visit with useful info for their age.

Some points on there:

NO TV viewing until after the age of 2. There's no such thing as educational video or TV for children under the age of 2. Studies show it can delay speech.

Child should be sleeping 8-12 hours with one nap.
Luke and Taylor sleep from 9pm-7:30am and nap for 2 hours IF I'm lucky. Taylor often needs an additional morning nap.

Get rid of the bottle.
We've done this all but the bedtime bottle which the doc said isn't a big deal but we should get rid of that one too soon.

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