Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Alas the Ridiculaously Large Quantity of Beach Pictures-One Long Post

I can say I think this was honestly the best vacation I've ever had. 2 weeks....just the four of us. Thanks so much to the Nicholas family for allowing us to stay at their place. It was such a blessing. They let us stay there for our honeymoon as our wedding gift so it was fun to go back. Nick replaced some windows and I painted a bedroom while we were down. It was a great deal for us. It was especially huge for me. I got away from the finances, and from the everyday chores of this house. Since Nick lost his job, things have been tighter than normal. We're more careful and it was just nice to get away.....and Nick's never had 2 weeks of vacation to take. I honestly was sad to come home. When we did get home it was kinda funny to see the babies. They were all excited to see their toys they were brand new. It was cute.

It was a LONG drive. We left at 8:30 am and got there at 6:45 pm. We made two stops....Lunch and Snack to stretch. The babies did really well although at the end they were tired of being strapped in! I was tired of sitting in the back between them. Those middle seat are not meant for long rides. Kills the back. I was spent from entertaining them.

Taylor got a black eye on the coffee table right after we got there. lol We had to baby proof the best we could. Luke had some screaming fits with sleeping in the pack and play.....but we all got adjusted pretty quickly.

We made 5 trips to the beach (I think), 2 trips to the pool, went to the aquarium, outlets twice, zoo, Barefoot Landing, and out to eat 3 times. :)

The first trip to the beach was WAY too much work. We walked 5 blocks with the stroller and tried to push it in the sand. Then we learned. We drove....went early so we could park and then we carried them on the beach and Nick went back for the stuff we couldn't carry with the babies. That was much easier. Luke LOVES water......ocean and pool......he kept trying to go in deeper and then would scream when we took him out. Every time a wave would come in he'd get so excited...and they both started saying whooooo....when the waves would come. Taylor liked it too....she was more careful about not getting too wet though and she really enjoyed playing in the sand.

The aquarium was salty and we only had to pay for two but I'm really glad we went. The babies were afraid of the big fish at first......clinging onto us and they didn't like the sting rays but then they really got into it....pointing to fish and saying whooooo.... lol

The zoo.....well it was the strangest zoo I've ever been to. Creepy. The cages were small...there was junk every where....there were abandoned looking buildings you walked through with cars and stuffed dead animals in was just bizarre. There were peacocks EVERYWHERE running free and it was mating season....that was fun. lol Taylor hated them and I wasn't the most fond of them either. I'm not a fan of birds....big ones anyhow. When we went in there were all these squawking birds in cages and it was LOUD. It scared the Taylor especially and like I said.....not really fond of big birds myself. Taylor HATED the donkey. I was kinda scared too. lol I'm not gonna lie. It was the LOUDEST thing ever and it came quickly up to the fence. She started screaming!!! lol Poor girl. There was a tiger who kinda freaked us out. Nick was at the opposite end of his cage and I saw him stalking Nick. He charged and jumped up at him on the cage three times. I have no idea why. Nick said it was a little freaky to see a cat that big coming at you with those eyes. The babies seemed to like the zebra the best. There was so many stinking goats every where. was an experience. It wore the babies out as you can see from the pictures.

We went out to eat at Olive Garden. I know I know.....why would you go there at the beach. Well because we had a gift card from Christmas and it was free. :) And we're all about free right now. lol It was nice, we dressed up and people loved the babies there. Luke and Taylor LOVED the Alfredo pasta. Taylor was however LOUD! It seemed the squawking birds made an impression on her. She was scared of them but I swear her and Luke both started squawking just like them after we were there. In Olive Garden........back and the outlets....echoing....back and forth. Lord have mercy. Taylor signed and said "more" for the first time at OG. I hadn't even said it much to them......I kinda forgot about it and it took me by surprise. Now she's saying it very clearly. It's cute.

We went to a Red Robin. I love that place and Nick was never at one. Well it was great except Luke was TERRIFIED of the Red Robin bird. I mean....seriously terrified. We never saw him act like that. He was in his high chair and saw him coming and was trying to jump out of it. Nick had to hold him the whole time. He saw him dancing across the restaurant and started screaming and crying. Poor boy. Taylor wasn't having him either. He tried the shake her hand and she pulled her hands to her chest and leaned as far away as she could with a death stare. We did find out that Luke LOVES mandarin oranges. He downed those. They did pretty well with the grilled cheese too. Taylor was giggling at a little boy at the next table. She kept holding her hand out to him and he starting talking to her and holding her hand and she's was giggling and giggling. Little miss thing loves being nosey and social. Luke just watches people....he was smiling a lot at some teen girls at Olive Garden but he's usually pretty shy.

Back rub please? We noticed at the beach that Luke is a little spoiled. He gets in position for a back run now. He gets on his belly with his little bootie in the air and he watches to make sure you're going to keep rubbing his back. As soon as you stop.......screaming! I did it because of being some where different to try and help him sleep but man oh man did he catch onto that. So we had to let him scream....stinker......and he's stubborn. It's cute he still gets into position but now I rub his back once,say goodnight and retreat quickly and he's been really good about getting to sleep now since we've been back.

BIG PRAISE.......Taylor is finally weaned off of Nutramigen! WHOOHOO! That happened at while we were on vacation.

There is a beach poop story to tell but THAT is a post in itself. So I'll get to that another time. For now......enjoy the pics. Can we go back yet???

We're at the beach...........YAY! Never again will we try to push this stroller through the sand......YAY! lol

Stay still? No way!

Luke LOVES the water!

Taylor wasn't sure at first but warmed up to it. It was a nice temperature....not too cold but cool enough to cool ya off.

Playing with the sand.

Taylor seemed to really like playing in the sand.

Ready for the pool!

LOVES the water....wants to go in deeper.

Waiting for her turn.

Taylor likes kicking on leg out and letting it float....she did that in the ocean too.

Miss thing with her cell. lol

Sun block lotion mohawk.

This boys rat tail cracks me up.

This is the only picture I have from the "scary zoo" It was weird.

It tired them out though.

They are into hugging everything.

Helping Daddy with his crunches.

They loved this window because it was low enough for them to see out.

Can't keep their hands to themselves.

This is how she started walking. She backed up against things and then started waddling forward.

Red Robin...Notice Luke...this is before he really freaked out. He was terrified of the bird character.

The pack and plays worked great for them to sleep in and they liked being able to touch each other over the top and by pushing on the mesh.

Kicking her foot up.

Luke's curl.

Love those little legs of hers.

New fav snack...GRAPES with crackers and cheese.

Mister gooberlicious cheeball!

Nothing like your feet in the sand.

How he

Miss nosey

They LOVE hugging each other right darn cute. They say, AWWW.

Sis......get off me....

But I love you.

They got braver each time we went to the beach.

Taylor using the shovel as a phone.........hello?

Mama it's for you!

Dressed up to go out.

Nick doesn't like this pic......but I do. ;)

She was SOOO loud.....squalking...and how she does it at such a volume WITH the pacifier in, I have no idea.

Taylor is very into bringing us books to read her now. She drags the biggest books across the floor and lift them to your lap and then put her arms up for you to get her in position on your lap.

I love this pic of her.

We used a comforter to cover the TV and fireplace and Luke kept trying to cuddle it so we let them play with it a little.


Looking at the fishes...

He loved the jelly fish.

Baby jail (as Carrie says lol) They hated it at first but got used to it and it allowed us to relax for a little bit.

This is one of my fav pictures....why you ask? Mister "I hate the beach" is enjoying it by trying a boogie board....there is hope for future beach vacations. :) He WAS enjoying it.

Do you seriously try to eat everything?

Little sleeping beauty

Luke always awake before he and wanting OUT! I had to catch this pout face.

This is RARE.....they hardly ever crash when it's not their nap but Luke was tired and missed our walk at Barefoot Landing.

Tiger's Preserve visiting Barefoot Landing.

You could get your picture taken with cubs and monkeys for a donation. cute.

It was HOT.....

Snack time....Luke kept hugging me as I fed him. He's a lover.

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Lea Liz said...

I love all of the pictures! Looks like you all had a great vacation!! Luke and Taylor have grown soo much!! They are just adorable! You look awesome chic!!

Now where did you get their pool floats and the tent you had on the beach???