Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy One Year Old Luke and Taylor!

I decided to put together some video clips of the babies 1 year the hospital and when we brought them home. They were so little. How our lives have changed. What sweet little blessings. Got a little emotional watching this video. I don't want to ever forget those first moments of seeing them. I still peek at them every night and watch them sleep before I go to bed. There's just something so peaceful about it. Puts everything into perspective. Thank you Lord for who you've created them to be and for letting Nick and I take care of them for you. :)

Here's my post after they were born. It's LONG! I was excited what can I say? lol At the bottom of the post there's a link to the newspaper article they wrote about us too. :)

So many new cute things are happening. Taylor said Nigh nigh (nigh, night) very clearly again twice. So cute. She also said Nannas a few times (bananas). She's picking up on the things connected with the words which is so cute. Sunday the babies went down to the nursery at church and our friend down there said Taylor was all over the place. She said the bigger kids (up to 2 years old in there) were eating cherrios at the table and she went over and was grabbing the cheerios. Both babies are becoming my little moochers. When I eat on the couch, they will pull themselves up to me and give me the puppy dog eyes. It's cute. Usually one on each knee staring at me. Luke and Taylor have also been very good at their Sooo Big and Yay (clapping). I was talking in a sentence and said, so big, not thinking about it and Luke raised his hands. They are getting animated about it too. Like as high as they can stretch. Funny. They are getting excited about clapping too. Luke is still having trouble getting his cheerios in his mouth and when he makes one go in...because of Taylor watching me....she now claps for him. Funny. They are still doing their sniffing thing. The nursery ladies thought that was hilarious. They said Luke was crawling all around, they were surprised at how he's moving now. They said at one point it was cute, Taylor went over to Luke and sat right beside him and just stared at him. She loves her brother. I wondered how they would be with other kids, whether they would cling to each other or not. Taylor has also started hugging. We didn't teach her this at all. One day she rested her head on Nick's chest. It was so cute...since she never stays still we both took immediate notice and we both said "AWW". Now she is hugging everything. She LOVES the bunny great grandma Risser got her and she hugs it all the time. Today, she went through all the stuffed animals...she picked each one up and hugged it. Course I said Aww every time and she was eating it up. She is cute, I stand her up away from me and walk her toward me...she then hugs me when she gets close, she's been hugging Nick too. When I went down to get the babies from the nursery was the cutest sight. At the door where the baby gate is...Taylor and little Sadie Sue (a red head little cutie) where holding on to the gate being nosy. Was adorable. She's making friends. Sadie actually gave Luke a kiss a few sundays ago. She's such a cutie. Cell phone...I was playing with Taylor today and holding up her fake cell phone to my ear and talking and now she's holding it up to her ear. It's so exciting to see them pick these things up. Luke is getting a lot more coordinated with his furniture surfing. He's learning to fall to his butt and knees which makes me feel a lot better. I did get peed on yesterday, the little stinker. He hasn't done that in a while. I wasn't prepared. I'm not as quick as I used to be about the switch and he made a nice strong arc when I took his diaper off. All over my hands and the new diaper I had right there under his bum. Coughing...miss Taylor is hilarious at her fake coughing. Anyone coughs and she coughs back. Luke coughed for real and she started her fake coughing....then he was fake coughing and they were giggling. Funny. Taylor also is loving to play "chase". She steals a toy from Luke and when he crawls toward her she takes off crawling and giggles. Keeps inching away from him giggling. It's hilarious. I can't get it on film because as soon as I get the camera out, it distracts them. Anyhow.....I just had to write this down as I was thinking of it all. Just plain cuteness.

Happy Birthday Babies!


Dawn Massey said...

happy happy birthday to your sweet babies!!! wow the year went so fast. i have really enjoyed reading your blog and watching them grow!! looking forward to seeing and reading about how God continues to bless your sweet family! enjoy this very special day!! oh and i loved reading your birth story!!!!

Lea Liz said...

Happy 1st Birthday Luke and Taylor!!!!!!!!! They have grown up soo fast!! They are so adorable and precious and I am sure so much fun!! You are a great mother!!