Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cute Stuff

Taylor is now a Texting Queen. hah. Nick said she gets it from watching me. It is pretty hilarious. We have a fake phone that a verizon guy gave us and I started with "hello, is Taylor there?" with her and she picks up the phone and holds it to her ear and then usually hands it to me or throws it. Now she started pushing on the keys with her fingers and then putting it up to her ear. This stuff can't be taught. I cracked up when I saw her do this.

She is also giving me everything now. Feeding me Cheerios, handing me toys. She even just started handing Luke toys and trying to feed him Cheerios. Course many times she's an indian giver and she changes her mind. Still adorable non the less.

She's still having fun with her chase me game with Luke. Grab and run and giggle.

She's still hugging her stuffed animals, the bunny great grandma risser got her is her favorite and she hugs us too.

We got them a little giraffe instrument toy and the head comes off and it is a whistle. She figured that out quick and thinks she's the stuff when she makes it sound. It's funny. She sticks the whole thing in her mouth and whistles by blowing both in and out. Very coordinated. The other morning she whistled in her crib and then looked at me like, How did I do that? She hasn't done it since.

Luke is LOVING bath time. He seems to love water. Loves to splash in it. I can't wait to get him into a real pool and see what he thinks.

He's also found a new favorite phrase. "Ut Oh!" It's funny. He's saying it a lot now and the last few times he's heard "no" from me, (touching the VCR and pulling the video camera down) he looked at me and said "Ut Oh!" Hilarious. So darn cute.

He's FINALLY is successfully feeding himself Cheerios. :) YAY! He's very proud of himself. He gets frustrated if he's hungry and he tries to pile them in and misses but he's actually getting almost all of them in his mouth now. (when not hungry) lol

He's a bouncing man. He catches air on the crib mattress. Makes me nervous....he's a maniac.

He's also saying maa maaa and momm momm.

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