Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pictorial Day at the Park

I had to pick one of my favorite shots to start out with. So this is one of my favorites out of this series. I have to say I think these are some of my all time favorite pics of Luke and Taylor. Taylor did NOT like the feel of the grass and therefore she ACTUALLY sat in one place. lol So I could take pictures of them together. You can see how much she loves her brother. If you follow them, you'll see him actually hit her when he gets sick of her hugs and she is laughing at him. There is truly something about twins. They go through everything together. They LOVE each other. Giggle at each other. Talk to each other from their cribs in the morning. Immitate each other. Scream at each other! Taylor sympathizes when Luke cries. Luke watches everything Taylor does. There's an emotional bond that is so sweet to watch. I LOVE it! Enjoy a little sliver of it from our day at the park! :)

Watching people and dogs walking by.

Taylor not liking the feel of the grass.

Taylor clapping...YAY!

Luke liked looking at his feet in the grass.

Luke, let me straighten your hat for you.

You are MY brother, Luke....MINE!

Sit closer to me!

Save me from the evil green stuff....I can't move from here!

Hold me!

Hold my hand!

Luke, look at the puppy!

Would you HUG ME already??!!

Okay then I'll just rest my head on your shoulder.

Hold my hand.

Another puppy!

They love seeing puppies. little plumpkin. He makes "T" sounds, spitting through his teeth.

Miss thing. :)

I wonder if your shoulder tastes good?

Is she ever gonna leave me alone?

She really can't leave her hands off me.

Come HERE!

Luke rolls to his belly.....checking out the grass....

Taylor doesn't like it!

Sit them back up and Taylor starts hugging him again... lol

Luke has had enough Taylor "love" and he hits her....she laughs. lol
Oh Luke, stop get so grouchy...haha

My thumb is good.

She proceeds.... grip him up...

...make him cry...

...and tackle him...

Not happy about it...this is actually after I sat him down from standing...which he never wants to sit...he loves to STAND!

This is a common the jungle gym.

Liking Daddy's hat.

getting tickled and giggling.

The two handsome men in my life!

The swing meant for twins...had to take this's a twin "must" shot. It worked better with them both in a swing because Taylor was stable instead of flying forward and back.

Giggling girl...

Serious boy...

Good Times! Loving every minute of it!


jag said...

HOLY CUTENESS! I just can't get over how precious the pics of Taylor holding onto and gazing at Luke are! CUTE-NESS! And, you look fantastic mama! Umm... "I'll have what she's having thank you very much!"

Lea Liz said...

They are so cute and I bet soo much fun!!

So I did that, yea I juzt want to cvhange the blog title not the url but it sitll looks like on peoples blogs it is titles Baby boy roland on the way..?? maybe its just people who added me when it was that name? Im not sure..

Lani said...

Oh My GOOOsh, those pictures are ridiculous. I am beside myself from the cuteness:)

Johanna Simpson Baker said...

They are SO cute - nothing cuter than twins hugging on eachother!!! Makes me wish I had a twin to love on (and swing with). Found you via multiples and more, had to say hi.
-Johanna in Texas

Wendy said...

So cute! I just found your blog through multiples and more. My twins were born just a few weeks after yours.

Your little ones are just precious!