Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Rocking new consignment shirts.

Luke is always looking for me to walk back in the bathroom when I walk out.

Look at those teeffers.

Her mean face. lol

Her eyebrows crack me up!

I must have put Taylor back into position 20 times to get these shots.

...and she's off AGAIN.

Experimenting with my camera and liking the shots without a flash.
(some are a little blurry but I like them)

Luke's favorite new pass time. Opening and closing doors. He trucks across the floor when a door is open to play with. He even hits him self in the head from time to time and once hit Taylor in the head. They are starting to catch on. :)

Taylor when she doesn't get her way.

Looking out the door...

...at Ali on the porch.

Finished Lunch

YAY! Both are clapping here. Cute.

Cracks me up how Taylor props her feet up on things.

awwwww...time for a nap. Look how long Luke's legs are getting.

They now repeat the sniffle mean face.

...and again.

So tired.

Here's Luke's version. Cracks me up how he picked this up.

Taylor loves the air from the ball popper toy.
I should have taken a picture of Luke's reaction. Let's just say...he's not a big fan. He acts like you're pouring cold water down his back or something. His eyes get big. lol

Luke man crawling.

Miss thing....Don't even think about it.


Abbi said...

love all of them!
high chair pics i would have to say are my favorite!!
too cute!

Anonymous said...

Cute pics - I love the one of your daughter resting in her high chair!

Kelly said...

Adorable pictures! Your twins are PRECIOUS!!! I love the close up pictures!

Devin said...

They are all wonderful pictures. Those two are so cute, I can hardly stand it! :-)