Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Taylor's Piggy Tail and Waking from Naps

Taylor's wild hair day inspired me to put that mohawk into a piggy tail. Here's the result. I think it's cute.

She is always poking at her ears when she's got a bottle.
She likes to feed herself now on her own terms.
She also throws the bottle when she thinks she's done. (then cries)

Here are some pictures from Luke and Taylor waking from a nap. IF you get the chance to wake them that is. Very different facial expressions. :)

Pick me up Mommy....get me!
He can flip this smile to a screaming cry in a heartbeat... if I walk away. lol

Is that you Mommy?

Where am I?

All is well...


Kaethe said...

Oh man, Robin!! Their facial expressions are so different. ha! Thanks for that at 6:30 in the morning....needed that one today!!

Anonymous said...

Those are great. Adorable children. Thanks for sharing. ;-)

Rachael said...

one of my girls used to do the same thing with their ears...i think it was ella but i am not sure, it may have been cameron. we do the little ponies on top too, the girls love them so much more than pigtails. we call them sprouts!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin - Thank you for your wonderful comment. I have very little knowledge of the teachings of the bible. I am slowing starting to get involved in this aspect of my life - faith. They teach a class at the church I have been trying to get to about anxiety, I am not sure if it is like the one you mention but I will check it out. I also really appreciate the words in your note - I think it might actually help me to think in that manner. I am going to keep your note and read it over and over for homework. Thanks again!

Abbi said...

oh i love her hair! that pony tail is adorable! they are so beautiful!

El said...

Robin, your family is so gorgeous! Wow! Luke's eyes are beautiful!

Joan said...

That little "mopiggy" is adorable! And the fact that she left it alone - awesome!

I wish my Luke woke up from his naps happy, for some reason, most of the time he is crying.

Mashel said...

I love the pony tail Robin!!! It is so cute! Did she leave it in? It is so much fun to do their hair and add the tiny little accesories to it. So cute!