Sunday, February 15, 2009

Little Follower & Big Watcher

Taylor is on the move and exploring. She's now pulling herself up to standing in her crib and a few times up to the excersaucer. She now follows me. If I'm in the kitchen or office, she'll make her way out to see what I'm doing. It's funny because I'll keep putting her back and she's getting faster and faster at crawling back and of course if there's something to get into on the way....she's check it out. She like dumping the diaper bag and finding toys. Notice Luke content watching. :) He's getting around more too though...via rolling and rocking. Luke often goes backwards ending up under things like the play yard.

Notice Luke's of his favorite play mates.

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Amri's World said...

hey Robin, its been ages since i read the blog .... and boy have the twins grown. they look so adorable !! god bless!! what a good looking family !!