Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Old Pictures

My parent recently gave me a bunch of pictures of yours truly. I was motivated to scan them in since I saw all the posts about "Where I came from." I LOVE pictures. Old and new. This first picture below is the only one I have of Nick...that I had in my possession anyhow. I'm sure he has more stashed somewhere.

Nick when he was 2, look at that blond hair! I think Taylor has his eyes. They are the exact same color of blue too.

and lots of me....

Can you say HUGE eyes? lol

See I was chubby, for those who don't believe me.

Kim, Mom, me and Mick

Do I have acorns in my cheeks?

1st Grade Sunday School the band aid on my knee

Kim, me and Mick

This one is hard to see but look at that strawberry birthmark on my forehead. Glad I lost that!

Waiting for the school bus.

Being spoiled at Grammies.

Me and Socksie...snoozing.

A bikini!

With Kim and Mick...Look at that ancient walker.

After kindergarten graduation

Maybe Taylor's cheeks did come from me?

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