Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years, Lukes Matching Hat, Twin Bonding, Laughing Babies

We've been having so much fun. The babies are getting super cute interacting with one another. Luke just LOVES his sister and he watches her A LOT. They both giggle when you bring their faces together and they like to play facing one another. Luke cracks up laughing when Taylor makes lots of noise banging a toy or banging the walker into the exersaucer. He thinks she is hilarious. I love just sitting back a little away from them and watching them play. I can't be far when they are on the floor though...lots of kicking and grabbing when they can actually get to each other. Cute. Fun times...I hope they always amuse each other this much. Cherishing these cute moments.

Luke's new hat like Taylor's, only blue.

They love being close.

Taylor holding onto the exersaucer and standing by herself.
Strong little legs.

And then of course she grabs the toy he has as usual.

They are LOVING the new fisher price stage toy!

Look at those teeth coming in!

Luke HATES green beans...he was gagging.
This is the first food he hates with a passion.
He's had them before but not w/o cereal and he can't stand them alone.
Don't blame ya buddy...I only like crisp fresh green beans.

Nick sits him up to change him and it cracks me up...he's so pudgy and cute.

More twin love going on...bringing their faces together...they giggle and giggle,
and so do we all.

Luke with Grandpa McGlaughlin

Luke with Uncle Mick
(I think their thighs are about the same size. haha)

An old school toy.

Uncle Mick and Taylor

Or should I say antsy pants who can't sit still?

At Grandma's with the old school high chair

Nick's been propping their bottles up and letting them feed themselves.
He says it saves time...I say I still want to cuddle them while I can.

Taylor does so well in the pack and play for her naps...
she likes playing in there...until she sees me see her and wants picked up.
She starting to put her hands out when she wants "up".

STATIC is the solution to keep her hair down. lol

Miss never stays still 2 seconds before was sitting in the boppy playing with the mirror.
The back of her hair in the mirror cracks me up!

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