Monday, January 19, 2009

More Laughing Babies

Try to ignore my obnoxious voice...and enjoy the laughing babies. :)


KAL071203 said...

Thanks Robin, ryan is also on the prilosec now, he had been on zantac as well for awhile but he wasn't in pain anymore so we took him off that. We also did the Nutramagin for awhile too (I hated how much that cost compared to the giant container of BJ's enfamil knock-off!)the only luck we have found is Enfamil A.R. LIPIL, it is thickened with rice starch to help it stay down. We have had allergy pannels done as well to rule out a mile allergy... so far they are saying it is just becasue he was a preemie his tummy/esophogeus muscles aren't what they should be. What have they told you about taylor? does she keep her solids down? It's jsut so frustrating not to be able to "fix" your baby ya know?

KAL071203 said...

Ry had an upper GI done when he was a few weeks old that showed the reflux. so we knew then for sure that's what it was, the allergy pannels were done after we thought he had outgrown it around 6mo. but then started not keeping anything down solids included so they wanted to make sure it was just his reflux back and not food allergies since he had just started solid foods, they also tested for celiac disease. So yeah I don't know if the next move is to have the upper GI redone to see what is going on in there now or what he goes for his one year visit in 3 weeks... I had my first born on sippy cups and milk at his first b-day...but i don't know what we'll do with Ry he is taking all his formula out of sippy cups but as far as liquids other than formula....Anyway I can't imagine how stressful that must have been for you guys with taylor not to mention still having luke to take care of too! I'm gald she's doing better... do you flavor her prilosec? Ry wouldn't take it so it is flavored grape for him... he loves it and yells for little addict it smells like SWEET grape koolaid:) thanks for the prayers I'll be praying for your babies as well.