Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's a Bird, it's a's a BIRD!

I didn't get a chance to write about this yet but it's kinda funny. I was feeding Taylor Thursday morning and I heard a scuffle. I assumed it was the usual fight over the water bowl that the dog and cat have...then I heard the cat running up the stairs. Isn't it amazing how a graceful looking cat can sound like an elephant when running up stairs? Anyhow...the cat zooms into the bedroom (where I was feeding Taylor) leaping after a BIRD. did he get in here? The poor little bird was freaking out....flying from one spot to the next. Linx (my cat) had him pinned under the blinds at one point. I just kept thinking....PLEASE don't poop! He flew into my clothes...and then I was thinking...I don't want Linx to get him because I don't want him half dead and have to deal with that....I don't want him fully dead either. Think quick. lol Luckily we have a porch off the back of our bedroom so there's door....I opened it, then I put Taylor in the bathroom bouncer...strapped her in but didn't put the play toys attachment on it...I was in a hurry.....I was in a hurry to make sure this bird didn't poop, half die or fully die in the house. I called Nick. Why...partly because it was funny and I wanted him to know. I go back and there the cat sits and no bird. Did he go out? I didn't see him go out. I looked for him...and so did the cat. It was cold....I wanted to shut the door but I wanted to make sure little birdie fled. I hear Taylor crying so I locked Linx in the room, go to the bathroom to find Taylor with her hands on the floor still strapped into the bouncer, not able to get back up...but looking at Luke in his swing. lol She is so darn nosey...I should have known without toys she's try to get to Luke. I released Linx from the room when I didn't hear any more sign of the birdie... although she laid in the room all day hoping for a encore. How did the bird get in? Who knows! There are some interesting things that happen when you have a house that was built in the 1800's. Birds have gotten in the attic....but now we've replaced the roof and the cat seemingly chased him up the stairs or else she saw him from the stairs.'s a mystery. My excitement for that day. Funny thing is...I think I called Nick because I would have forgotten to tell him if I didn't tell him that moment. Isn't that ridiculous. That's just how my memory is these days. The other funny thing. I actually hoped I had my camera upstairs so I could take a picture of the bird on our bedroom fan. It wasn't upstairs. :( lol Clearly obsessed with the camera. 

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