Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mommy I Can Do It! (It's getting messy)

Little Miss Thing has been cracking me up. Things are getting MESSIER! Taylor decided she wanted to feed herself with the spoon. So instead of fighting her and having her pitch a fit and scream and cry, I let her try. She has a serious grip, that girl. She won't give it back! lol She was amazingly coordinated though. I thought. She grabbed the spoon and put it in her mouth. The trouble was she didn't understand that the spoon needed to go back into the bowl to get more food. She kept putting the spoon in and out of her mouth and looking at me confused as to why there was no more food. I unleashed the death grip she had on the spoon and gave her more. I love how she tries this with the messiest color of food. Orange! Please tell me how Turkey and Rice ends up being orange as baby food?!@# ewww. She's been such a stinker to keep her hands out of the bowl too. She'll snatch it in a heartbeat if you think of looking away. She's got some serious wing span think it's out of her reach but NOPE. I'll tell ya, the days of carrying multiple things with a baby are about over. They both grab anything I have in my hands. Taylor LOVES my phone and Luke loves anything brightly my plates. I need both hands to contain them from grabbing everything.

The babies started eating some meatier stage 2 foods. Turkey and Rice and Hamburger Mac with Veggies.......Man this stuff stinks. What happens to food when it's pureed to death? Can their poop get any stinkier, well YES, YES it can...just add meat. Lord have mercy. lol

The babies have been LOVING peek-a-boo! Taylor is actually pulling the blanket off herself darn cute.

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