Thursday, December 4, 2008

Double Diapering, Sitting, Screaming, Peek-a-Boo, Mixed Grain Cereal, Stage 2 Foods & Tickling

Luke's changing table picture

Poor Luke. He woke up this morning and was soaked in pee. He's been sleeping on his belly and the night before last he leaked through as well. This time however he was soaked from his chest to his knees. How can he possibly pee that much? lol I think his switch to belly sleeping has something to do with it. The babies are filling up those diapers at night. The more they eat, the more they......well, we all know how it goes. Needless to say, Luke got a bath this morning. Poor guy was chilly and he enjoyed being bathed and soothed by his momma. So Double-diapering it is. We'll see how it works. It's too much work to change all the bed clothes and neither baby keeps the sheet protectors on any more. 

So Luke is finally the first at something. ;) He's sitting up on his own now. I still am paranoid and from time to time he crashes but he's really pretty stable. I sit with him or keep the boppy behind him. Miss Taylor....well she sits in the boppy only if she's occupied with something enough to stay forward. The babies sitting face to face works the best. They can then look at each other and play. Taylor throws her self back at a moments notice so I don't trust her at all. She'd much rather stand, Lord know those legs are always why in the world would she want to sit still? 

Taylor is really into screaming. LOUD. It scares Luke every time and he jumps. It's funny. She slams toys down and he watches her and laughs when she makes lots of noise. It's cute. The babies are really into peek-a-boo now. They giggle and laugh. Nick freaked Taylor out at dinner tonight. They were in their high chairs and he popped up and said PEEK-A-BOO loud and Taylor screamed and cried. lol He tried it several times and it took a while before he did it in a way that she approved of. Was funny. She's got lungs. 

I think I already mentioned the babies are on oatmeal and today I started the Mixed Grain Cereal. I hope that goes far so good. They started Stage 2 foods. I found that Beechnut from BJ's is the best deal. So they have some new foods coming up. They don't package enough sweet peas in there though. Taylor loves that, although Luke isn't loving them as much. But Luke will eat's Taylor that pins her lips and makes you entertain her. I'll tell ya......if Luke napped like Taylor and Taylor ate like Luke......I'd be way too spoiled. :) Luke still fights napping. He's starting to know the routine. He doesn't like going up the steps during the day and he really doesn't like his back hitting the crib. lol 

Taylor has been cracking us up with her giggling when you undress her. Tug at her arms and she cracks up. It's the cutest little giggle ever. It's little-girlish. Nick and I can't get enough. Luke has adorable giggle as well. He cracks up sometimes so much that nothing comes out or it's just a little squeal. It's adorable.

Anyhow......good times. 


Twin for God said...

When my brother and I were babies I always did everything first and he always did everything perfectly. For some reason your post just made me think of that. :) It was really quite funny though. I stumbled around for a very long time trying to learn to walk, my brother wouldn't even try. But as soon as I got the hang of it he stood up and without a single problem took his first steps. Everything we learned to do was like that... :)
Sorry for rambling on your blog. Your twins are SO adorable!

Mike and Katie said...

I love all the photos. You babies are so sweet. It's fun to see twin interaction.


KAL071203 said...

Huggies makes special night time diapers, My 10-month-old has been in them since he was 6 mo. they hold sooooo much! we have never had a leak...also with boys ...tmi...but make sure you aim him down when you diaper him. our baby is son #2 so we have learned these tricks along the way. double diapering didn't work for us but maybe it will for you, I'm sure you'll find something that works!