Saturday, December 20, 2008

Action Frames ~ The White Onsie

I miss summer when the babies were in onsies. I could feel their soft skin and see their rolls. I decided the other morning to shoot some action frames with them in their "under-onsies". It was cute because they forgot they had toes! They were staring at their feet and touching them. lol I think these shots will give a little picture of how active they are getting. How they are interacting with each other and how adorable it is. I crack up when people say I'm lucky to have twins because they can play together and you won't have to entertain them. Well, so far...that's true but I have to be a referee and make sure no one gets their eye poked out or gets kicked in the face. lol It's not like I can lay them on the floor or sit them on the floor and walk away. There's lots of grabbing, pinching and kicking at this point. I'll tell ya's absolutely adorable when they smile at each other. Priceless. I never pose them, I don't have to......just sit them side by side and click away. By the way...did I say I LOVE my new camera....which takes instant digital shots. LOVE IT!

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Lea Liz said...

I have missed your last couple of updates somehow, so I caught up! I love them in their onesies!!!! They will be the best of playmates and fight all the way up Im sure but always love and take up for each other and be the best of friends!!!