Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy 1/2 Year Old!

Things have been a hectic and I'm just getting these pictures up. The babies have officially gotten their first cold and it's no fun. They have been waking each other up crying and I'm getting very little sleep. They haven't had any fever at all just congestion, and coughing. Taylor moved to the nursery with her brother on Saturday. It's made it more difficult for me to run back and forth at night. It's tough with twins because when we would normally let them cry it out (which is hard for me anyhow) we don't want one to wake the other so we're more quick to soothe them. I've heard that they will get used to each others far...I beg to differ. They wake each other and then egg each other's crying. With them being sick, I like to check up on them more when they cry but I'll tell ya...this week had been exhausting. Nick and I both have the bug too and even though I'm the one getting up, I know it's waking him as well. This isn't even a bad cold.....Lord help us if they get the flu. :) The doc said to use saline drops and suction them out, elevate the bed, use a humidifier, and steam treatments. That all aside, the babies have been cute...grabbing for everything they can reach and discovering Ali. Taylor squeals at him and they both watch him intently. I've also noticed, they are both getting necks! lol

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Lea Liz said...

Hey girl! They are growing and they are soooo cute!! Sorry you haven't been getting much sleep, hope you all are feeling better!!