Sunday, October 5, 2008

Catch Up ~ Ridiculous Amounts of Pics

Last Sunday after Church . . .
I realized I put the captions above
instead of below the pics.....heyah well....

The snazzy hat.
He looks like a little man.
I love it.
I asked Nick to grab the khaki colored socks,
he grabbed the argyle olive ones.
Makes me laugh to see them in the pictures. 
I get a kick out of finding cheap clothes. 
The vest and shirt were both a $1 on clearance. 
The jeans $3 consignment, 
socks were hand me down and 
hat was the whopping $8 full price. 
Tell me it's not worth it though.

You can tell he was crying with those puffy red eyes.

Miss Taylor, our crazy girl.
Our neighbor gave us these 
black shoes and her feet are tiny, 
they are the only shoes that fit her.
She kicked and carried on with them on
at first until she got used to them. 
And if course the dress always gets pulled up
for her to try to put it in her mouth.

Our maniac. I often sing that song..."she's a maniac"

I love her rolls.

She rolls over and talks to herself in the red mirror. So cute.

She naps like this every day.

Luke wears himself out in the jumper, then crashes.
He weighs a ton trying to get him outta there when he's asleep.

Taylors hair in the morning after a bath.
Cracks me up, it's sooooo soft though.

Luke with his new friend...the left thumb.

This is after being taken outta the jumper. lol

Taylor cracks up when I sing her name. 

The big blues.

Doesn't this look like they are watching a scary movie? lol

Does he look beef or what? He gets that from his mom. lol

Chewing everything.

I love, love, love these pjs. Nick's old boss got them for us. 
They are Gap and super soft and comfy.

This girl is always on her belly now. I put them on their back side by side, 
made their bottles and came back to them like this. 
Today she was watching Luke in his swing talking away at him.

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