Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rice Cereal

I tried giving Luke some rice cereal yesterday and it didn't go so well. He stuck his tongue out and let it run down his face...then he started sucking on the spoon. lol. So I thought I'd try again today. I thought maybe it would help Taylor gain a little weight. I read some tips. Feed them some bottle first so they don't get frustrated when they are hungry and then don't force them but if they refuse to let them go and try again another day. I gave Taylor 1/2 of her bottle them put her in the highchair. She caught right on. She was even opening her mouth for the spoon and seemed very pleased. She ate all I made for her. I only made a teaspoon of cereal with 5 teaspoons of formula but she downed it and then finished her bottle. I was thinking that giving Taylor her medicine has helped her with accepting the "foreign" object in her mouth and it's taught her to swallow what I put in there. Luke on the other hand....not so happy. Nick fed him 1/2 his bottle and then we put him in the high chair. He didn't want to have anything to do with the spoon and he started crying...very upset......he wanted his bottle. He's just not interested at all in that spoon. I'll let some time pass before I try again with him. Honestly...I think it will work out better if I can get one of them eating well before trying to feed both of them. Why? It's time consuming. Right now, there are many times when they are both wanting to eat at the same time, leaving one baby very unhappy (crying and screaming) while I feed the other. Until they get the hang of the spoon, it makes the process of feeding them longer making everyone a little more frustrated. lol As soon as I get that schedule working well..it's time to change. I'm still trying to formulate my plan of attack but I'm excited at how well Taylor picked it up and I'm hoping it helps her gain some weight and keep that formula down. I'm having visions of the mess of food they are going to make. Taylor was trying to grab the bowl and of course she was sticking her hands in her mouth with the food. lol I'm also excited for the day that I can sit their high chairs side by side and feed them together. Nick took some pictures and video of them "eating" tonight, so I'll add them to this post once I get to it. I've been staying awake at night to get stuff done which is really nice...when Miss T doesn't wake up at 2. Last night she only woke up once, so I'm hoping she keeps getting better.

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