Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hannah Joined the Navy!

Hannah and Luke

Hannah and Luke, he made her leg fall asleep. 

Hannah and I at her High School graduation

It's official. Hannah signed papers and joined the Navy. I'm so excited for her and yet I'm sad she won't be around as much. I'm getting a little taste of what it's like when your kid leaves home. I've been praying for her to find the perfect fit, for her to find God's purpose for her life and I think she's found a good starting point. She did really well on her Navy entry test and I know that she's gonna do great at anything she sets her mind to. She is extremely driven, determined, athletic, competitive, strong willed, and has good common sense. If you'd ever need CPR or First Aid, she'd be the girl to take charge. :) I'm not worried about her at boot camp...I know she is plenty strong. She's gotta get her physical, and then they will schedule her for boot camp for 2 months in Chicago. I will miss her dearly while she is away. She makes me laugh non stop with her stories and dry humor. God has given me the privilege to see her grow up into this awesome young woman with lots of potential. I'll update, but please pray with me that she really grows closer to the Lord during this time and discovers who he is and his plans for her.

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