Wednesday, August 6, 2008

3 Months Old Today

More pics to come! Soon as I get a break to work on them!

Things have been very busy. I have lots of new pics and video but haven't had the time to download them and upload them. I can't believe 3 months have passed. The babies are getting cuter and cuter. Taylor is talking a lot now. She's cute she plays with her hands and talks to herself. It's been very frustrating for me to feed her lately. Today has been the worst so far. She only ate 2 ounces at a time and once she burps, she's done and starts crying and kicking. She's on prevacid now and it's a pain. It needs diluted into water and it doesn't really dissolve well and giving it to her in a dropper is interesting. I'm praying something works or she gets past this stage QUICKLY! Luke is getting huge. lol We've been trying to get him off of the premie formula and onto something else but he isn't happy about it. There's been a lot of fussiness and crying which keeps me very busy. I really hope we get him onto something that works for him or her gets used to it.

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