Friday, July 11, 2008


Mornings are becoming fun. After their morning bottle...I lay them in the crib beside each other without the divider between them and I talk to them. They are so alert. This morning I was leaning to the very right and to the very left and they were turning their heads wide eyed following me. I ducked down and they both were looking for me. So cute. I have to try and get that on video. Then I get them into a bouncer and swing while I get ready. Taylor in particular the last few days has been watching me very closely. I told Nick she's learning how to get ready. :) He didn't think that was funny. 

Taylor sitting up on the couch. I've been propping her up beside me when she is awake. She loves it. A new perspective I suppose. She eventually slides and then's all the wiggling she does. She never stops wiggling and punching and grabbing. Of course Luke is getting good at pinching hard when he's hungry. There's some serious pinch power in that little hand!
Pampers Swaddlers
Approx. 18/day
152 (8 1/2 days)
(That was the cheapest I found on sale.)

Approx. 1 can/day
(cheapest at Kennies plus they have a $20 off $200 baby club)

Gas Drops
In every bottle
(generic brand)

Karo Syrup
1 teaspoon/Luke's bottle

Cuddling them
Simultaneous naps
Watching them sleep
Watching them interact with eachother
Watching your husband change a poopy diaper
Watching them look back at you

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amrisser said...

robin, this is so cute!!! I honestly must say, how do you do it? They are expensive little stinkers, but they sure are worth it!!!