Tuesday, July 1, 2008

5 Hours & a Haircut

Last night for the first time the babies slept 5 hours! :) We fed them at 9 and they didn't wake until 2! I hope that happens more consistently. :) I was so excited...I fed them at 2 and then Nick fed them at 5. That would be a great schedule if we could keep that up.

I finally got my hair done! :) Seems like a normal thing but I hadn't anything done since before I was pregnant. I had 6 inches of regrowth from strong blond highlights! I was starting to feel a bit redneckish and was pulling it back all the time to hide it. I feel more like myself again. No one really sees me much but I'm sure the babies like the new hair cut. lol I like that they can't grab and pull my hair. :)

I've really been thinking about just how fortunate we've been with these little miracles we have. I've seen stories of twins born way early with all sorts of health issues. Who would have thought I'd carry them 36 weeks and they'd have NO breathing problems. Who wouldn't thought that I wouldn't have a section....I'd be able to "room in" with them for a week in the hospital...they wouldn't have to be in the NICU at all....they would come home together...they'd gain a pound a week for 4 weeks straight after they came home...on and on......we've been so blessed. All I can say is all the prayers were answered. There were so many praying for Luke and Taylor and it was an amazing experience. I had them on the bed the other morning and I was getting a little sappy. I was thinking about how quickly time passes. It's not going to be long that I'll be able to play with their legs and feet and cuddle them close. They will be teenagers before I know it. :) I enjoy every little thing...their soft skin, their eye contact, funny expressions. I enjoy every minute of being here with them. I can't imagine leaving them for a job. This is my job. This is what I'm supposed to do. At times of course I feel inadequate, but God has made me feel a confidence I never felt before. I never even changed a diaper before, never really held babies but for a minute and an uncomfortable minute at that...and now...here I am with TWO. I have always considered myself to be an impatient person...and it's something I've had to work on...and somehow with these babies I have patience. I'm sure that will be tested once they crawl and enter the terrible twos...but God will give me what I need then too.

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