Tuesday, June 3, 2008

OOOOO What a Day!

The babies are learning how to do new things. They have been really doing well at lifting their heads and turning them. The weight of them however sometimes sends them wobbling. They started HELPING us feed them by gripping the burp cloth and or bottle. They also now hold onto their pacifiers. This sometimes backfires on them as they accidently knock them out. They both get QUITE upset about it. Taylor gets herself so hyper for food that she opens her mouth like a bird and shakes her head back and forth in a panic until you get the bottle in her mouth. Luke is doing MUCH better with his bottle. Actually better than Taylor now. Taylor has started letting lots drool out. I wonder how much she's actually drinking. They both started fussing at 7 this morning. This is what happens. My time to sleep is from 4 or so until 9. Nick does the 6am feeding. Well they NEVER sleep then! Luke was crying a lot this morning...grunting and crying....then later he pooped and has been MUCH better. Taylor then picked up the slack and started her screaming. She sounds like two cats fighting. Kinda funny......well at first it is. lol She was hungry an hour after I fed her. I tried to hold her off with the pacifier and she sucked on it frantically. She then got so mad she threw her pacifier. lol I thought that was just by chance. Then she did it again. This time it hit Luke. I felt bad for him today......she was waking him up from kicking and screaming. Then I got peed on by Luke. He peed on himself, the changing table and me. He covered A LOT of ground quick! It's 4:30 and the crying has finally stopped and they are OUT. I hope they sleep tonight. When is Nick getting home??? lol I need to go somewhere....... I think I need lettuce......BADLY. lol

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