Monday, June 2, 2008

Every Other

It seems LT like to sleep every other night. lol Last night was good. They woke for their 12, 3 and 6 am feedings but slept in between. I stripped them to their diaper and swaddled them TIGHT! Kept to the schedule trying to wake Taylor before she woke us. Nick really slept. He snored so loud last night and he hasn't done that since they have been home. 

The night before last....
Taylor was screaming, I'M HUNGRY way before it was time and so I got up to give her her nuke and I heard a gargle. I look at Luke and he's choking on formula from 2 hrs before. The look on his face scared me to death. It was coming out his nose and he couldn't breathe. I flipped him over and got him suctioned out with the aspirator. Then I was terrified to put him back down. I put a boppy in the crib and propped him up. I was up all night staring at him breathing. 12 oclock I got up to feed them...Taylor was spitting up and crying the whole way through her feeding. That's the first she's ever done that other than the drool. I fed Luke and he was hungry from spitting up before and he took his whole bottle. He then threw up his whole bottle. I was gagging because it was ALL over me from shoulder to waist. I got cleaned up and put him in his boppy again and watched him breathe. In the meantime he cried. I don't know if it was his gas or reflux from upping the last bottle but he was miserable. (and so was I) I noticed they were hot so I got up and took their blankets off. They were all sweaty. I took their temps and they were high but not feverish. Put them back down. Then they were flailing and crying. Fed them at 3. Luke was crying hysterically, we then smelled why. He gets so upset when he's about to go number 2. Poor guy. I couldn't sleep at all and by 6 when Nick fed them they were crying and flailing around. I got up at 8, giving up on any sleep. They broke me down that night. lol For the first time I felt some tears. I can handle the lack of sleep but worrying about them choking drove me nuts. The last night I put Taylor on the changing table after she ate and the same thing happened to her. Nick and I were laughing at her normal snorts but when it sounded weird I looked and she had formula coming out her nose. I had her upright for a while and it still wasn't long enough. Now....we have the crib elevated AND I have them both swaddled into their bobbies. I can open my eyes from the bed and see them breathing.......sigh.

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amrisser said...

hang in there!!! They are getting so chubby and cute!!! you should send one of those photos into pampers :) Looks like they are growing fast!