Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tag Team

How in the world do two newborns manage to stay awake ALL NIGHT LONG? They tag team! We went to bed at 10, I woke at 12 to feed them. Went back to bed at 1, they were awake THE WHOLE TIME until 3. Got up to feed them at 3, went back to bed at 4. They were awake THE WHOLE TIME until 6 when Nick got up to feed them. He put them back down and they were kicking and fussing. I finally gave up trying to sleep and got up at 8:30 to take them downstairs and feed them at 9. HOW can they not sleep? After the 9 feeding I tried to keep them up a bit and then put them down at 10:30. I took a nap until 12 when they started waking up hungry. I actually slept! They were sleeping sound....of course DURING THE DAY! I'm gonna try that napping thing again. I'll take what I can get right now. I emailed Amy, the nurse we had that has twins and she suggested cluster feedings at night after dinner and a FULL feeding before bed. She said she got 6 hours of sleep that way. 6 HOURS! I would LOVE 6 HOURS! Tomorrow a "parenting coach" from the hospital is coming and I'm sure she'll have some ideas too. She is also a mother of twins! The hospital set us up with her and it's a free service. :)

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Kim Felix said...

A note of encouragement...when you finally get it figured out, they'll switch tactics on you :) Believe me, my kids were masters of that. I highly suggest learning the art of napping. It will preserve your sanity. Seriously, don't get discouraged - you are doing great! The pictures show how great they look and the love in both your eyes. What more could they need??