Friday, May 23, 2008

Docs Appt for weight check

This is how I take a shower. :)

We had a docs appt to check the progress of Luke and Taylor's weight. As the doctor said, they are doing FAAAAANTASTIC and GREEEEAAAAT! lol They gained almost a pound in a week!!!

5 lbs, 10 ozs
32-1/2 cm head cir.
18-1/2 inches long

6 lbs, 2 ozs
34 cm head cir.
19 inches long

The doctor also gave us permission to pester them to keep them awake throughout the day so hopefully they will sleep better at night. haha....they have their days and nights mixed up. I've heard of this being common when they are in the nursery after birth. The nursery at night was louder than our room during the day. So at 3 am, they are bright eyed! Initially the nurses told us to not wake them as they rested since they needed to grow, get rest and keep their temperatures up. I feel a lot better now with them being healthier. I am slowly laying off all their layers of clothes which is fun. Nick and I LOVE to see them without all the blankets. It's so cute at the doctors when they check them side by side. This time they both peed all over the Luke got me for the first time Wednesday when I was changing him. I HAD a cloth over him and he STILL squirting out from under it and made swirled pee marks all over my pants and shirt....and I swear he thought it was funny. The poor guy has had gas and constipation the past few days...I did the unthinkable and rocked him to sleep. He was so miserable. They both are opening their eyes more and getting more meat on their bones. Taylor I think gained all her weight in her cheeks! She gets all red in the face and mad if she doesn't get fed on the dot. Luke wimpers at the most and has a soft cry. Hers is an all out scream! He loves when you rub his legs and feet. He's got some serious little calf muscles on him. No fat on his bird legs. It's so funny how boy and girl they are in every way. She's got more round legs while his are boney. They are both more and more adorable every day in my opinion. ;)

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