Friday, May 16, 2008

Babies First Docs Appt

We got them in the car seats and headed off. I hate putting them in the car seats. They seem so tight on their little chests. They have to be fastened that way but I worry they can't breathe. And so it began with double paperwork for these kids and double copays! It was so cute they asked us to get them down to the diaper. We did and laid them on the examination table next to each other. It was the cutest thing ever. They are not used to being "FREE" of clothes, hats and swaddled blankets. They were both wide eyed and moving their arms and legs all around. I covered them with a blanket until the nurse was ready. Nick and I laughed so hard watching them. We wish we would have had a video camera. They kept punching each other in the face and looking at each other like "what is going on, where are our clothes, we're freeeeeeeeeeeeee!" They both gained 3.5 ozs in 2 days and 3/4 inches since they were born. They are both A+ blood type which is good that they don't have to worry about having Mommy's negative blood. I described how Luke gets red in the face, twists his neck and arches his back. Taylor does it too but not as much. He said to keep an eye on it because it sounds like acid reflux. They may just need some medicine in their bottle. 

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