Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ultrasound 29 weeks

We have good news again! Babies look great. They now are 3lbs each! She looked at my cervix and said it's still in good shape as well! So far the contractions aren't doing anything which is good. She said it's going to be very hard for me to tell when to go to the hospital. She said if I'm at all worried about it go...but I'm going to be having more than 4 an hour at this point. The other great news is at this point if the babies are born they won't have any long lasting health problems from being premature. :) She said the 30 week mark is another milestone that means the babies are likely to do very well if born. They would be in the NICU but the outcomes would be very good. She said if I go into labor anytime after 34 weeks, they won't stop it because the outcomes are even better. She said if I don't go into labor before 38 weeks (YIKES) they would do a c-section then and not allow it to go any further. She said anything past 38 becomes high risk for still birth just like anything beyond 42 weeks with a single baby becomes high risk. She said if I have any symptoms other then contractions to go to the hospital. She also said starting at 32 weeks the doctors with put me on a monitor every 2 weeks to check the stress on the babies and monitor their heart rates. She said I look great and it's a good sign that I'm not gaining any other weight other than my belly, she said that will make things easier for me. She said some women are huge by this time. Nick asked what happens if I get completely miserable, and she said SHE WILL. lol She said I could take tylenol PM to help me sleep at night and it's just something you've gotta get through. As far as the babies positions....they are STILL the same. Boy is very head down, very low and the girl is head up. The doctor said that they are pretty comfortable and most likely will stay in those positions. She said the boy as low as he is won't move but the girl still could although most likely not. She's sitting on his head and his feet were on her head. They are pretty tangled up in there at this point as far as their limbs. It's hard to tell who's arms are who's. I did confirm that it is the boys butt that keeps popping out from under my ribs and sticking out my side. It hurts! When I push it back in he kicks. lol Her head pops out from under my ribs on the other side. I can't imagine them getting bigger. They are going to be poking out everywhere! Not many pictures this time....she took some heart and belly shots of them together but most of the shots are very abstract at this point. The feet and legs are so much bigger and thicker then last time but they move so much it's hard to catch any good shots. We could see them practicing their breathing by their chests inflating with the amniotic fluid. Pretty cool. She still has her hands up at her face and was opening and closing her mouth. He has his head down toward my back so we couldn't see his face at all this time.

The doctor got this shot of the girl. It was so cool because she was blinking her eyes. It's her head sideways and you can see her left eye open in this shot.

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