Friday, March 28, 2008

Docs Appt Mar 28, 2008-30 weeks

Protein levels were good today but my blood pressure was up. Instead of my normal 100/70 it was 120/90. She asked me if I had a headache today and I did but I hadn't thought much of it. I just assume it's allergies. She told me to drink more water and I know I need to but it's hard for me to do. I'm not a big drinker and I just don't think about it. I GAINED AL LOT this time! I weighed 124. I seriously think Easter had a lot to do with it. I'm been eating lots of left overs and I ate a lot of food at mom and dads. So I gained 5lbs in 2 weeks! That kinda explains why I feel so big and awkward these last 2 weeks...........because I AM! The nurse said I'm still small and under average. When I think about the nurse telling me to gain 50lbs I realize that I'm all baby and belly weight. My belly top to bottom measured 32 centimeters which she said was good. It's 2-4 more for twins and mine was 2 more than normal. I'm feeling like the babies are putting a ton of pressure on me very low and they are. They said they were low the last time and this time they checked my cervix again. My cervix is still good to go so the babies are just low and getting heavier. At the point the girl is kicking like crazy. She's making up for lost time. Their kicks are getting painful now. His in my ribs aren't as bad as hers are down low. She keeps kicking a nerve that sends pain down my left leg and the weight is causing my left leg to go numb. Sometime she kicks me in my bladder and guts which makes me jumps and hurts. For some reason my left side is tender. When I lay on my side with my legs bent, she seems to get stuck in the crease of my leg. They told me when I had my ultrasounds about how low the babies can be and I'm feeling it now. They are getting stronger for sure! I'm so tired!!!!!!!!! I am up at least every hour and sometimes every 1/2 hour peeing. It's getting harder and harder to get in and out of bed and I'm feeling dizzy mostly at night. I ran into the edge of the door the other night and scared myself. lol I experienced my first leg cramp in my calf. OUCH...........the worst part is not being able to reach it to massage it out. lol I asked the doc is it can make your legs sore for a few days and she said she had that happen too. My calf turned into a ball. The midwife that I saw today complimented me once again on having no stretch marks. It is pretty amazing. I don't want to hold my breath but my skin has done some pretty amazing stretching. I'm debating on getting another massage. My mid back had really been achy but I'm not sure about that experience again. :) I've had swelling in my right ankle mostly but not much considering and the docs said I'm doing really well with not gaining weight and fluid other than my belly.

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