Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Getting Kicks

It's more than a flutter now and I don't need to be still to feel them. Last night when I sat down the girl (left side low) kicked (or punched) lol. It felt like someone quickly tapping on my belly with their fingers. Then today the boy started kicking my right side high. It surprised me. Now I want them to do it again to see if I can feel from the outside.

I keep getting bigger and belly is hard now, very round, straight out front so far and my belly button no longer is an innie, kinda weird looking. No room for the navel piercing anymore either. The babies are supposed to be adding fat to their bodies this week and their hearts are supposed to be developing more. They will check the hearts closely during the next ultrasound. I'm having more of a balance problem now because of the belly. Do you ever get use to it cuz it keeps getting BIGGER. lol

I also didn't realize how many people were reading this blog. I meant it as kinda a silly diary for us to look back on and a place to post photos. I'm kinda embarrassed now. I still plan on writing the same way but stand warned it wasn't meant to be THAT public. lol

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